Are Brands Real?

Published by Jan Knap, M.D. on September 15, 2020.

As humans we are born and equipped with basic instincts and beliefs about how the real world works. It’s how we intuitively experience our everyday reality and understand it. It’s the way how human brain works.

We have evolved this way—it’s our evolutionary grand advantage but also our main weakness. We don’t see things that are smaller than one half of the width of human hair. Nature has somehow figured out which sort of specific “hardware” to visualize real world is for our species optimal.

It’s intriguing fact that from the evolutionary perspective we have never needed to see microscopic or subatomic world to survive. Instead, we were given a very different capacity. Evolution presented us with a very unique gift—“high-level” intelligence.

"Why has nature given us
better software and not better

Why has Nature given us better software and not better hardware? Well, it seems so much easier, and faster, to upgrade outdated software (a code) than to develop better hardware. Don’t forget that we are talking here about development of complex living biological systems, not mobile phones.

We don’t seem to notice the spooky level of microscopic world in our everyday life. Human hardware was not built to perceive that level of reality. But still—real subatomic world is there and we must deal with it. It’s the only way to understand what is really going on at the world’s fundamental scale.

"Brands don't exist
in macroscopic reality."

When we look behind the curtain of our everyday reality there is hidden another weird world. We cannot see or describe it by using our own senses, intuition and common sense. There is nothing familiar or intuitive about that world at all.

What you think you know about brands is wrong exactly from the same reason—brands actually don’t exist in your macroscopic reality.

But are brands real?

We believe this is a wrong question to ask.