Everything You Know
About Brands Is Wrong

Published by Jan Knap, M.D. on September 15, 2020.

To learn you must first forget.

When you live in an illusion for a long time, it’s easy to forget what is real and what is not. Sooner or later you may even stop asking this question. Finally, you just accept your illusion to become reality. Once it happens, you are trapped in it forever.

This is exactly what has been happening with brands for decades.

Branding industry got mysteriously trapped in a very bizarre illusion: people responsible for brands think they know what they are doing. And they truly believe that it’s working perfectly well.

Well, it is not.

It’s time to burst their delusional we-know-everything bubble and let them all hit the ground. It’s time to say it out loud: The Emperor is naked! And we need to start over—right from the beginning.

We start by asking big questions.

In order to understand something deeply fundamental and conceptual about brands we need to answer the most fundamental question in branding: What is a brand after all?

"No one in branding knows
how to deliver and guarantee
consistent results."

Branding industry lacks the basic knowledge about its source code. They still have no idea what brands are and how they work. It’s the reason why no one in branding knows how to deliver and guarantee consistent results.

This is no longer acceptable.

We are genuinely driven by science. We believe that brands obey the same fundamental laws and principles that govern our universe. And we know that the only way to discover what brands truly are is by using science.

In fact, we have already started.

The future of branding is hidden at the nano-level. It‘s called nanobranding.