On Origin of Brands

Published by Jan Knap, M.D. on September 15, 2020.

History of modern branding is based on limited empirical evidence and random observations. This is the reason why branding industry has been stuck in “Medieval Age” when it comes to delivering predictable and measureable outcomes. In branding, people still actually behave like Earth were flat.

However, there is one simple truth everyone in business agrees on.

In business, people generally believe that—for companies like Nike, Apple or Tesla—their brands have been essential in generating their long-term growth, premium price and market dominance on global scale. They assume that in branding, people must know everything about brands. It seems only logical.

Yet, nobody knows what kind of secret code or magic formula Nike, Apple or Tesla might be using. Nobody can explain how these brands could have gained such a phenomenal value and power. The most likely answer is that they have no clue what a brand is.

"Branding, as any other business,
needs to be built on science
and facts."

Let’s be clear: branding, as any other business, needs to be built on science and facts. Branding is not a science-fiction even many who work there think that way. They believe they can always bend reality as they wish. Well, they cannot—no one can.

We can safely say that nobody really understands what a brand is. Otherwise we would be watching thousands of brands like Apple or Tesla launched globally every year but just one brand agency running the show—the agency with that secret code in their hands.

"Nobody really understands
what a brand is."

Branding people have been always acting this way: keeping their secret recipe hidden from public eye as something divine or mysterious. This is no longer acceptable. It’s time to start asking big questions.

In branding, science is our best way to reveal the fundamental truth about brands—undeniable answers based purely on facts and evidence.

In fact, science is the only relevant secret recipe branding needs after all.