What Is (Not) a Brand?
#6 Leo Burnett

Published by Michal Sobel on September 15, 2020.

In Under the Nanoscope: What Is (Not) a Brand? series, we select one definition of a brand from a well respected source and examine it under our nanoscope.

The Statement

A brand is a symbol that leaves a mental picture of the brand's identity.

— Source: Leo Burnett (2011)

The Facts

Argument #1: Unmeasurable

How do you measure what is and what isn't mental picture? Even though you would be able to measure it somehow—for how long the mental picture should be there in order to be considered as brand worthy? Ten seconds? Ten minutes? Ten days? Ten years? Untill you die? We don't know.

Argument #2: Brand Is Not a Symbol

A brand in here is just a proxy of a symbol. But symbol is already defined term. Symbol is not a brand no matter how many mental pictures it will leave you with.


This is not a definition of a brand. You can't predict any results by the statement. You can't guarantee any results. You can't measure it. You can't replicate it. This does not proves existence of a brand.

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What Is (Not) a Brand?

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