What Is (Not) a Brand?
#9 Emotive Brand

Published by Michal Sobel on September 15, 2020.

In Under the Nanoscope: What Is (Not) a Brand? series, we select one definition of a brand from a well respected source and examine it under our nanoscope.

The Statement

Brands mean different things to different people at different times.

— Source: Defining What a Brand Is: Why Is It So Hard? by Emotive Brand (2019)

The Facts

Argument: Brand Isn't Everything

If we simplify the statement into an equation we get: "Brands=Different Things+Different People+Different Times" which could be simplified into "Brand=Anything+Anyone+Anytime" and that means "Brand=Everything".

What results can you predict or guarantee by the equation "Brand=Everything"? None.


This is not a definition of a brand. Either you can predict results by the definition which you can be hold accountable for or not. If not, then it has no value. This is the example of the latter.

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What Is (Not) a Brand?

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