Why Is Branding Still
Living In the Past?

Published by Michal Sobel on October 1, 2020.

Branding industry got stuck in the past mentality of ironing cows. It’s not because people in branding want it—they simply have no choice.

The problem is, there are hundreds of opinions on what brands are and how branding works. As a result, too many different ways to go means they all cancel out. In the end, everyone is stuck. With no progress it feels like using hammer, wood and nails to build a space ship.


Business owners expect that people in branding know how to build brands. After all, it’s their job they get paid for handsomely—to guarantee and deliver results. But, what do they really guarantee or deliver?

They do only what they can do—costly corporate identity makeovers or less costly cosmetic face lifts to please their own artistic eye? Is this really the core of branding? Showing off how many design or creative awards did they collect for work their clients paid for?

It’s all they can do.

Branding industry has never looked deeper to find the origin of brands. It’s the cornerstone on which is the whole industry built on. Still, nobody cares even they should.

"Branding industry has never
looked deeper to find the origin
of brands."

And that has intrigued us.

In branding there is a lot to be learned or discovered. In fact, branding is still in its infancy and grows fast. Hammers and nails won’t do anymore. We need up-to-date tools relevant to our modern technological age we live in today.

The origin of any brand can be discovered only by using evidence—based science and facts, tested and proven regardless of anyone’s belief.

In order to predict and guarantee outcomes in branding, we need to understand the origin of brands first. It is a journey of a thousand steps that needs to start with the first one.

And we are already walking.